Calex Digital LED Cord Dimmer 3-70W for dimmable LED lights 176386


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This digital LED cord dimmer (1 - 40W/VA) is suitable for dimming of the following light sources:

  • dimmable (filament) LED lamps (230V, max 18W) (and incandescent/halogen lamps (230V, max 32W)
  • 12V halogen lamps combined with a dimmable electronic transformer (AC, max 32W)
  • low voltage LED lamps combined with a dimmable LED driver (DC, max 32W)

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Characteristics of this digital LED cord dimmer:

  • trailing edge dimmer ('R', 'C'), 230V/50Hz
  • digital control by means of push button
  • minimum and maximum light intensity are fixable (save in dimmer memory, see *)

Operation of the dimmer:

After safe installation (of power plug and light fixture) put the power plug into the wall socket and the dimer can be switched on by pushing in the middle of the round push button (lamp on). For increasing the light intensity push on the triangle on the lamp side. For decreasing the light intensity push on the triangle on the power plug side. 

If the lamp is still on, by means of again pushing short on the middle of the round push button, the lamp can be shut off. In case of overload, by connecting several (too much) LED lights, the dimmer will shut off. By taking away the overload situation the dimmer will work normal again.

Advise: for functional testing of the dimmer firstly apply one lamp.


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