Swirlamp XL 50cm White lampshade


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By far the most popular Swirlamp is the white Swirlamp. Now we offer this popular swirlamp in a size XL as well. The diameter of this large white Swirlamp measures almost 50 cm, so it's just a size bigger than our regular swirlamp.

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The neutral look of the white Swirlamp, makes it suitable for almost any room as your main lightsource. Above the dinnertable, in the hallway, in the bedroom or the livingroom. If there is enough space, a few Swirlamps in a row make a beautiful sight!

The Swirlamp is made of 100% recycled plastic and comes in a package of 30 elements with a dutch manual how to put it all together. Fully assembled, the lampshade is almost 50 cm in size.

Inside the Swirlamp, you can put one of our energy saving LED bulbs or a traditional lightbulb of 40W max.

Note: the Swirlamp comes without cord/socket and without LED bulb

We advise to use LED bulbs of 8W max for this Swirlamp


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